Authority Probation

Transforming the way that probation officers work and manage their caseloads

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Authority Probation supports Probation Supervisors and Officers by empowering them with critical data that positions them to make confident decisions concerning a defendant’s probation requirements. Extensive tracking capabilities, defendant mugshots, a dashboard, and reporting capabilities support Probation Officers in monitoring offenders and in serving the court and community.

Why Choose Authority Probation

Authority Probation is designed to assist Probation Officers with the daily regimen of tracking a defendant’s obligations. Officers can quickly identify probation activities, be aware of past and future scheduled events, and see the results of a defendant’s required obligations.

Authority Probation provides the tools necessary to eliminate probation cases from being overlooked from needed processing. Probation Officers are notified when defendants have failed to meet a scheduled obligation, along with notification of current and future activities requiring advanced preparation. Active cases that have met all requirements will be flagged for processing. With the interface to the Authority Court solution, the Probation Officer is alerted when Municipal Court cases are filed or modified and may affect a current probation case.

Key Features

Provides tracking of programs, drug screenings, and results

Dashboard reflects cases that require attention/action

Detailed tracking of court-ordered probation requirements

Extensive tracking related to cases, defendants, programs, and events

Stand-alone program or easily interfaces with Authority Court

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