Wireless Nurse Call System for Senior Care

Smart nurse call system with real-time location tracking and robust wander management

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Helping senior care teams improve resident safety and care with the power of real-time location tracking

RTLS In Motion helps senior care providers to improve resident safety, increase staff performance, and turn your senior care campus into a smart campus.

High precision location tracking down to room level enables staff to instantly find any resident and provide timely care. Device status and location is updated every three seconds, for a real-time view of residents.

Ergonomic resident, staff, and equipment pendants, that transmit their location, automatically track and log the location history of each resident, staff member and piece of equipment. When a resident needs help, they just press the button on their pendant and a staff member can attend their exact location. A button press sends an instant alert directly to the care team’s mobile devices and nurse stations, including details of who requested help, where they are located, and the time of a call.

Our smart wireless nurse call system uses modern technology that outperforms traditional hard-wired nurse call systems.

RTLS In Motion software is available in English and French.


residents served

staff assisted

weekly alerts

hours saved weekly

Why choose RTLS in Motion for senior care?

Locate your resident population to ensure their safety and well-being.

Integrated wander management protects your most vulnerable residents.

Personal pendants provide nurse call and staff duress to keep your residents and staff safe.

RTLS In Motion for senior care - Features

Life safety

Wander management and elopement control

Mobile alerting

Reporting and analytics

Infection Control

Custom hardware solutions


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Debi Bourque,

Executive Director - The Wauklehegan Manor

After doing a thorough review of available systems, it was clear that Momentum RTLS In Motion provided unmatched functionality over and above typical nurse call functions.

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